Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where We Connect to Change Our World

World Class Training Faculty and Events:

Inspiring Results

From our simple beginning, with nothing more than a desire to shift the world, and an untested idea of how to accomplish this goal, we have now:

· Attracted over 5,400 Members in numerous countries who are committed to creating positive change in their lives and communities and around the world.

· Created Over $1.4 Million in Direct Humanitarian Impact

· Paid over $1.8 Million in commissions to our Social Entrepreneur Members

· Supported numerous new Social Enterprise business initiatives to emerge through our membership

· Attracted some of the most well-respected and impactful world-class educators, social business leaders and global change leaders.

· Attracted media attention for our humanitarian work across the world with CNN and Fox as we carried out the single largest food drop in US history and the largest teacher training in Africa History

HUB now can meet you exactly where you
are at and then help you move forward.

* HUB Circle - If you want to enter a free community to change your
world, We have created a powerful technology platform that will
support exponential scalable global growth including the launch of
The HUBCircle, our own free Social Networking Platform to help Hubbies Create, Connect & Collaborate with each other. The great
thing hereis that as you ask people to join you in the HUB Circle, they
wll be noted as part of your Community and when they move forward
to purchase in the Global Market Place or join as a Full Ambassador,
you will be financially rewarded

Join Now at:

* HUB Global Market Place -When you support New Trade you can purchase wonderful products, earn affiliate commissions from your
HUB community and know that not only are you purchasing at a Fair Trade price, but also you are rewarding the work of Micro Loan Circles and also delivering 40% profit to women and men in some of the poorest areas of our world.

Shop Now at:
Global Market Place

* Be a HUIB Ambassador today by joining at $99 or £69 a month and make HUB a significant business opportunity and life for you as you impact our world with food, water, education, financial literacy, micro loans and agricultural programs

* In addition because we want you to be the best you can be, we grant
you immediate access to the worlds finest social change leaders, wealth coaches and business trainers who are ready to support you
with a product designed both to meet your needs today and the challenge of our world. The Wealth Center, Wisdom Center and
Social Activist Center how to magnify your living and giving and how
to encourage others to do the same.

Join Now at:

Where ever you are today HUB can be a place
where you create a Future Worth Choosing

The Michael Beckwith Agape group I joined. Michael is the Founder

It's called HUB - a lot of major players with amazing integrity.
(Jack Carnfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Barbra Hubbard, to name a few)


Business Opportunity:

Impact your life and our world.

The Impact:

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